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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

AVANTALION provides sustainable business process management!


Companies can achieve higher revenues and profits in different ways; introducing innovative products and services or improving existing processes and structures, or both.

The consistent alignment of business processes to company goals is the key to sustainably improving profitability.

Business process management is the basis of modern management systems. Additionally, with the implementation of standards and norms such as ITIL, SCOR, DIN EN ISO 9001 or MiFID, companies are able to enforce consistency and build quality into the fabric of their organization through business process management.


Process Orientation

Process-oriented organizations with agile business processes have the ability to cross organizational boundaries and shorten reaction times. A strategy that integrates and applies business process management systems across corporate and operational levels forms the basis for a process-oriented organization. AVANTALION assists companies in various projects across different industries with the alignment of their organizational structure to processes through the following:

  • Assessment of business process management maturity
  • Establishment of a business process management organization, methods and tools
  • Trainings in business process management for staff

Process Improvement

Competitive pressure and swift technological progress increasingly demands constant product innovation. Success is largely determined by process improvement.

AVANTALION assists companies with the improvement of processes critical to business success with the following:


Companies are confronted with tremendous implementation and maintenance effort due to the increasing importance of normative requirements, international standards and documentation requirements in the form of compliance and management systems. Process-oriented systems allow for an effective and efficient implementation of integrated management systems.

AVANTALION assists companies to be compliant. The focus of the implementation is on the benefits for growth and business success through the following:

  • Implementation of process-oriented QM systems
  • Implementation of process-based compliance systems
  • Integration of process-oriented management systems

IT Implementation

The success of IT change projects greatly depends on the quality of the requirements management in place. Professional IT requirements management must be process oriented and include process design, requirements engineering and allocation of responsibilities. This forms the basis for tasks such as reviews, testing, qualification, validation and approvals. AVANTALION assists companies in various industries with process-driven IT implementations.

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