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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

AVANTALION is a leading international expert consultancy for service excellence and sales financing in mechanical and plant engineering.


Companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry will also face demanding challenges in the coming years:

  1. Customers

    • Growing demand for integrated solutions
    • Stronger focus on usage instead of ownership

  2. Products

    • The necessity for continuous (product) innovation
    • Digitalization and completely new forms of production (e.g. 3D-printing)

  3. Competition

    • Globalization of markets and sales
    • Increasing competition from low-cost manufacturers from emerging markets

It is thus a necessity to optimize current business, leverage growth potential and consistently enhance one’s own business model – all at the same time. Services (e.g. maintenance, financing, leasing, etc.) are increasingly becoming a key factor to achieving this.


Based on many years of experience in line management and consulting, AVANTALION supports its clients in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in developing and implementing practical solutions. Our special areas of expertise are sales financing and service excellence.

Sales Financing

Integrated solutions are increasingly becoming a differentiating factor for producers in times of rapidly growing competitive pressure. Captive financial services are a key component for establishing customer-oriented solutions which at the same time stabilize and increase sales for core products. Car and commercial vehicle manufacturers have demonstrated this over the past decades with constantly growing success. This is particularly true for the B2B-segment (e.g. for trucks).

However, setting up one’s own captive bank is not always the best alternative. Multiple options and cooperation possibilities exist for mechanical and plant engineering companies to proactively offer financial services to their customers at home and abroad. AVANTALION supports you in choosing and implementing the appropriate financial services approach with the following:

  • Decision-making based on feasibility studies
  • Development of products and processes for sales financing offers
  • Selection of suitable partners (banks, leasing companies)
  • Setup of own (captive) sales financing entities at home or abroad

Service Excellence 

Service offerings are increasingly becoming a key differentiating factor, which strongly support customer loyalty as well as contribute to revenue growth and profits.

Core service topics like professional spare part management, usage-based maintenance contracts and 24/7 customer hotlines have now been established by a majority of machinery producers. However,  the professionalization of service offerings is often not meeting expectations, such that in many cases service excellence has not yet been reached.

AVANTALION supports mechanical and plant engineering companies in planning, designing and implementing practical solutions to further expand and optimize service offerings including:

  • Development and rollout of suitable service products
  • Optimization of processes in service delivery based on LEAN principles
  • Establishment of professional service departments domestically and abroad including definition and rollout of company-specific service KPIs
  • Selection and implementation of adequate software solutions to automate service processes

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