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IT Management

IT Management

AVANTALION creates intelligent solutions for your IT environment.


Managing complex IT environments in times of changing customer requirements requires intelligent solutions. These solutions have to go hand in hand with the growing need for digitalization as well as be compatible with traditional IT tasks.

Corporate IT is thus facing substantial challenges. On the one hand, investments in lean and agile IT landscapes have to be undertaken to meet the requirements of a growing digital value chain. On the other hand, IT departments are facing increasing cost pressure with the requirement to further optimize efficiency while meeting growing demand and complexity.

Holistic IT management along the value chain thus requires a focused analysis of all business processes and their synchronization with digital requirements.


IT Strategy

The IT strategy defines the framework for the future readiness of IT and is therefore closely linked to corporate goals and company business processes. In addition, important trends have to be appropriately considered. We assist you in achieving this:

  • Transparent sourcing - concept in sync with business units
  • IT alignment in accordance with customer needs
  • Digitalization of products and services
  • The design of digital channels

IT Operation

IT operations are essential in securing business stability. Thus, reliability and the ability to change are critical. AVANTALION supports you with the following:

IT Transformation

Adapting the IT setup and organization and training staff to meet changing requirements such as Agile development and future technologies are essential. We assist you to implement the following: 

  • Setup of IT along the company value chain
  • Transformation of the IT organization
  • Demand-driven adaptation of training in IT
  • Transformation of structures and processes incl. management functions