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Exchange of IT-landscape Thailand

Replacement of the entire IT landscape for a Japanese captive in Thailand

AVANTALION supported the automotive financial services company of a large Japanese car and truck manufacturer in replacing the entire IT landscape of its local subsidiary in Thailand.


Project Management

IT Management

Requirements Engineering

Project Objectives

A Japanese captive in Thailand was at a critical point in its business and required up-to-date IT systems that could support future growth.

Over a several-year IT project, the captive needed to replace all business-critical IT systems. Previously self-developed credit application, contract management and accounting systems needed to be replaced with off-the-shelf enterprise software.

Our Contribution

AVANTALION provided the captive with critical project setup support to implement the system change.

The major goals were: business continuity, control of the project schedule and budget and enhancing performance.

AVANTALION took responsibility for the program management office and provided the captive with the expertise to optimize the business processes required for the new enterprise software.


The overall scope of the customization was reduced.

The timeline and scope were managed well with the estimated project timeline reduced by approximately 25% and the overall scope reduced.

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