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Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering

AVANTALION creates the basis for meeting your stakeholder’s expectations with well- documented requirements.


The range and scope of applications for computer systems is continuously increasing. Likewise, the requirements for quality and the range of functions that are to be provided continue to grow. Given the increasing complexity of computer systems and the collaborative nature of the development work, the importance of administering and documenting requirements well is also increasing.

Requirements are the reference point for all phases of the development lifecycle. Each phase refers to different types of specifications, such as functional design, system and detailed design as well as functional and acceptance test specifications. Faulty requirements definitions therefore adversely impact on all phases of the development project.

Existing systems also have to be adapted or extended, or both to changing conditions and new requirements. In order to maintain control of all the requirements requested throughout the entire lifecycle, professional elicitation, specification, analysis, validation and documentation of requirements is indispensable.


Quality of Requirements Specification

AVANTALION values the quality of requirements specifications very highly, as comprehensible, unambiguous and complete requirements form an integral basis for successfully managing projects. In order to ensure ease of validation for a system that is to be developed, AVANTALION systematically traces the new functions back to the underlying requirements.

Elicitation of Requirements

AVANTALION uses proven methods that are most suitable for capturing requirements. The right combination of different elicitation methods is crucial to ensuring that the varying expectations of the project’s stakeholders are fully met.

Management of Requirements

A systematic approach to the management of requirements becomes more important the higher the number of stakeholders and the more their expectations differ from one another.

AVANTALION supports prioritization of requirements and sorts out conflicts in case there are different opinions, e.g. the urgency of a requirement, so that an acceptable solution for all participants can be found.

Handling Projects Successfully

By choosing the right emphasis when selecting appropriate methods for elicitation, consolidation and documentation of requirements in combination with effective project management, AVANTALION provides a decisive contribution to the successful and controlled execution of development projects.

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