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Test Management

Test Management

With professional test management, AVANTALION verifies that your system works correctly and reliably, and thereby creates satisfaction among your stakeholders.


It is almost impossible to find business processes or even individual tasks that are not supported by software in modern organizations. Consequently, the success of organizations today is also dependent on the quality and reliability of the IT systems used.

Due to the fact that software development projects are usually carried out with budget and time constraints, the quality of the system must be verified during the test phase in an efficient and effective way.

Therefore, applicable and project-specific (effective) test processes, methods and tools have to be selected as well as appropriately (efficiently) implemented.

This is essential given the fact that both effort and costs for the correction of errors increase exponentially the later the errors are discovered in projects.


Test Policy

Based on our experience gained from many successful software development projects in different industries, AVANTALION is able to define a test policy and recommend appropriate test processes, methods and tools that suit your system as well as your chosen development method.

Test Planning and Preparation

AVANTALION supports or takes over the implementation of the defined test policy by planning and preparing the different test phases. Within this task, appropriate test cases and efficient test schedules are developed based on the business requirements and comprehensive test experience.

Test Execution and Interpretation

AVANTALION supports or takes over the execution and interpretation of defined test cases in relation to the test policy. Within this task, the test documentation (consisting of test logs and test reports) is created. In doing so, the basis for internal and, if applicable, external approvals of the system is available.

Training of Employees

AVANTALION provides trainings for your employees that cover all relevant testing aspects. With this training, your employees are prepared to take over different roles within the planning, preparation, execution and interpretation of tests.

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