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Automotive Finance & Mobility: Steering towards the future

The automotive finance business, especially the captive segment, has seen decades of almost continuous growth. However, more recently the market has experienced its fair share of disruption, whether via developments from within the automotive industry itself, such as electrification, or due to multiple new entrants, many without any automotive heritage and whose proposition is app-/technology-based. Mobility services product innovations, for example car sharing and subscription, have impacted negatively on margins, whilst increasing complexity. This puts particular pressure on legacy IT, which must suddenly serve rapidly growing customer expectations of real-time online access and flexibility.

AVANTALION helps its clients in all areas of Automotive Finance and Mobility Services, whether it is bringing the most recent market developments and practices to established businesses, or providing practical and pragmatic industry expertise to more nimble, recent arrivals in the sector. With a strong heritage in the mobility sector, AVANTALION is able to tailor its offering in areas such as project and process management, as well as provide bespoke services in areas such as the modular definition of financial products and future-orientated, process-based operating models.

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AVANTALION Solutions Overview

Business Expansion

Business Expansion

New market entry or set-up of a new business, including introduction of a new product, business line or sales channel

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Business Transformation and Reorganisation

Business Transformation

Fundamental transformation to align with the future business strategy resulting in the need to redefine the current business and operating model

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Business Optimisation

Optimising internal processes as well as structures, and focusing on digital capabilities ensures that a business will achieve its strategic objectives

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