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Health, whether of humans or animals, is important to us – therefore we have set ourselves the goal of supporting you in the Pharma & Life Science industry during the conception and implementation of challenging projects. Current trends, such as affordable, but still complex, individualized drugs, or the ever-shorter innovation cycles in the field of digital medicine, require a supply chain that is geared to the latest needs of the market. In order to efficiently implement project solutions in a timely fashion, additional challenges caused by new technologies and increasing regulatory requirements must be taken into account. Businesses in the pharmaceutical industry need to understand the constantly changing market mechanisms, and the appropriate strategies and organizational structures must be continuously reviewed and adapted.

AVANTALION provides the required areas of competence, and the specific industry and regulatory know-how of the demanding pharma & life science sector. Based on concepts worked out together with you, our support can help you realize efficiently managed projects delivering exactly the solution you need to meet your challenges. AVANTALION has been successfully implementing future-oriented projects in the pharma & life science industry, together with our customers, for more than 10 years.

Products & Services

Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Vendor Selection, 	Business Process Management, 	Test Management, Change Management, Compliance Management, Quality Management, New Business Development, Information Management & Security

AVANTALION Service Overview

Business Expansion

New market entry or set-up of a new business, including introduction of a new product, business line or sales channel

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Digital Transformation

Process transformation, making best use of new technology; including introduction, replacement or upgrade of critical and/or legacy systems

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Business Reorganisation

Structural reorganisation and process optimisation to align with future business strategy, while increasing efficiency and reducing overheads

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