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Wind Power: Seeing where the wind blows.

Companies in the wind power industry continue to operate in a challenging and complex environment. Decreasing governmental support and the move to competitive auction-based mechanisms is creating high pressure on wind projects to be competitive in terms of cost of energy. Despite stable growth in revenues and global orders, turbine manufacturers and their suppliers face low profit margins due to falling turbine prices, tariff & trade disputes, high R&D investments, and losses on legacy contracts.

The capital-intensive wind power industry can expect to see continued consolidation activity. This creates opportunities, especially for the big players, to leverage scale and globalized supply chains to increase their market share and to mitigate the risks of extreme slowdowns in national markets due to political volatility. Increasing focus will lie on the development of the service business – not only for turbine manufactures. Additionally, the ability to develop and implement hybrid system approaches of wind, solar and advanced storage solutions is likely to impact success in the renewable energy market.

To face these challenges and to seize these opportunities, companies require an effective organizational and efficient operational structure. Based on many years of international experience in line management and consulting, AVANTALION supports its clients in the wind power industry in developing and implementing practical solutions. We are experts in transformation projects seeking operational excellence and develop solutions individually tailored to our clients’ needs. Following concept development, we ensure successful implementation through effective project management and sustainable change management.

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Project Management, Business Process Management, Target Operating Model, Requirements Engineering, Test Management, Change Management, Project Portfolio Management, Management Reporting

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Business Transformation

Structural reorganisation and process optimisation to align with future business strategy, while increasing efficiency and reducing overheads

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Digital Transformation

Process transformation, making best use of new technology; including introduction, replacement or upgrade of critical and/or legacy systems

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Business Expansion

New market entry or set-up of a new business, including introduction of a new product, business line or sales channel

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