Industry: Seeing where the wind blows

The current challenges for industry are as diverse as they are complex. Cost pressure on companies is steadily increasing, and not just the usual market and customer commercial constraints. Rising manufacturing costs, both raw materials and energy, as well as the globally grim economic situation, are greatly increasing the burden on business. In specific sectors, this problem is further intensified by political and legislative hurdles. Strategic decisions to outsource production steps to suppliers or offshore seem ever more often to be reaching their limits; not only are rising transportation costs stressing the global supply chain, but so too are quality defects, production disruptions and concerns regarding the associated environmental impact. In addition, our industry customers are facing a new definition of the organization of work; “New Work” is becoming a guideline of the process design of the future. And with more rapid staff turnover, a shortage of skilled human resources and demographic change, preserving knowledge in industry is becoming of critical importance.

Successful companies of the future will be those who deliver services tailored to the individual needs of the customer, and still at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time. Businesses have to succeed in increasing their speed of action and reaction and continuously align their processes to the requirements of the market. All processes in the entire value chain must be optimized right across the company’s landscape and all designed to minimize waste. And the administrative and support areas of the enterprise must also search for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. The services business grows in significance. The ability to develop and implement hybrid service bundles and even holistic system approaches – for example, from wind, solar and storage solutions in the renewable energy market – is becoming decisive for success.

Avantalion supports and guides the transformation of its industry customers from the conception to the successful implementation of change. The solutions we develop are individually tailored to the business need. A focus on operational excellence characterizes all the transformation projects we conduct. We use the principles, methods and tools of Lean Management to design processes with minimal waste and to establish a culture of continuous improvement. We ensure the sustainable success of the improvement projects with the help of effective project management and demand-oriented change management.

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