Business Expansion

Growth opportunities are often realised via a new market entry, or the set-up of a new company and business within an existing market. However, business expansion can also involve the introduction of a new product, business line or distribution channel by an existing company, where the new business must make optimal use of existing corporate infrastructure, at the same time as identifying specific new business-critical support mechanisms.

Challenges and Solutions

The establishment of a realistic business case, along with the definition of a minimum viable product and critical success factors, are the foundations for creating new products and entering new markets. AVANTALION supports its clients with both the planning and the implementation of growth initiatives, enabling the realization of business objectives within a realistic time-frame, as well as helping build the necessary operational support post go-live. Together with our customers, we develop future-oriented, process-based business models, from which future digital landscapes and organisational structures can be derived.


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