Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation involves more than the introduction of new technologies. Optimal use of these solutions usually requires the adaptation of existing business models and simultaneously enables the introduction of completely new approaches. Customer-interaction and digital access are critical, meaning processes, both within the company and beyond, are changing. Due to the rapid pace of digital development, business is ever more frequently confronted with the need to introduce, replace or upgrade critical and/or legacy systems

Challenges and solutions

The complexity and fragility of existing IT landscapes frequently hinder the successful introduction of new digital connections and services. AVANTALION helps companies increase their digital maturity by fundamentally transforming both digital architecture and the associated organisational structures. Our many years of experience in transformation projects allow us to objectively evaluate essential functionalities and realistically manage the expectations of users. Thus AVANTALION is particularly well placed to advise on the selection of suitable suppliers and their technical solutions.

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