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Future Of Windpower

The response of many wind turbine manufacturers to the dynamics of the energy market conditions are turbines that are becoming larger, more powerful, more efficient, and more reliable. Digital technologies such as AI, predictive analytics, cloud computing and/or robotic data intelligence enable predictive service campaigns, optimised site management, condition & energy yield monitoring and fleet/site benchmarking for […]

Modular turbine and component design

Super interesting webinar on modular turbine and component design – how the wind power industry is moving from highly customer-specific and dedicated product development to cross-customer plattform-based solutions. Check out the original article at Windpower Monthly Insight.

IT Vendor Selection

At AVANTALION we help our clients to make product and service offerings from different IT vendors comparable. Instead of comparing software vs. software, we use our experience from over 13 years of experience in system implementations to compare each software against predefined business requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Due Diligence

Congrats to our colleagues Jessica Dihlmann, Maximilian Conrady and Christine Antonik for successfully supporting the preparation of a due diligence phase for one of our Automotive Financial Services customers.The team worked on a consolidation of financial statements and calculation of margins, which were derived from an extensive review and a qualified validation of various data […]

Sustainability at Windpower industry

Huge opportunities for reducing landfill and reducing material cost through recovery of high-value materials at blade‘s end-of-life by using recycled and recyclable materials in blade design and manufacturing! Looking forward to seeing old and new faces online in March!

German offshore wind industry development

While the supply chain on the turbine side is well established and capable of delivering, in addition to the mentioned issues on the legislative / permitting side, grid connection continues to be one of the key bottle necks. How can this be mitigated? Check out the latest Windpower Monthly article.

Season’s Greetings

It’s probably fair to say that 2020 did not go as planned and was full of surprises! Flexibility and creativity were much in demand, with our common health being everybody’s foremost priority. Nevertheless, for all of us at AVANTALION Consulting Group, personal contact with our customers and partners is very important, and we have not […]

Case Study at Pforzheim university

Every year the Pforzheim University invites AVANTALION to conduct a Case Study on Project Management as part of Business Development Operations with the International MBA Course. This workshop style lecture transports the fundamentals of Project Management and offers a challenging real life case environment for the students to apply the theories in direct transition. Thanks […]

Wo-Men Automotive Summit

Our colleagues Sylvia K. Durach and Adriana Lehr are very much looking forward to this very exciting event. We are looking forward to hearing about innovation in the automotive industry and the role women play in this. We will share our learnings. Stay tuned! Check out this event.

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