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Christian Ritschen
Jessica Dihlmann
Miguel Taborga
Xenia Dony
Sophia Rosenhöfer
Lara Alsenz
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Christian Ritschen

I’m Christian Ritschen and a Senior Manager at Avantalion.

Currently, I’m working on further developing the topic of automotive finance with clients as well as internally on projects for Avantalion. I really appreciate the composition of the Avantalion team with younger colleagues as well as more senior ones allowing for sharing ideas and expertise on all levels!
Avantalion offers me the opportunity to combine my knowledge from past working experiences with the current methodical knowledge of others from a study on cooperation in a project.

Jessica Dihlmann

My name is Jessica Dihlmann.

As a Senior Consultant at Avantalion, I have a diverse mix of tasks, as I can perform different roles on different projects.

I particularly appreciate the exchange of experience and appreciative interaction within the entire team. Every new project brings new challenges, which makes the job varied and also ensures continuous development.

Miguel Taborga

I’m Miguel Taborga and during my first year as an Analyst, I had the opportunity to work in various external projects and participate in the optimization of the knowledge transfer process at Avantalion.

The commitment to excellence of the entire team makes working at Avantalion a very inspiring & fulfilling job. Every colleague is always ready to share knowledge and support you in your journey.
At Avantalion, I appreciate the freedom to design your own career path and develop the skills you need to grow into the consultant you aspire to be.

Xenia Dony

My name is Xenia Dony and I’m currently an Analyst at Avantalion.

After starting my career at Avantalion, I immediately had the chance to take on the role of PMO in an external project. This opportunity to be involved in a project from the very beginning and to complete the valuable onboarding trainings has made my learning curve rise steeply right away.

I not only appreciate our highly motivated team and the extensive industry and methodological knowledge of my colleagues, where I can learn a lot from everyone, but also the unique personnel development concept. My personal HR developer always supports me with an open ear on my professional and personal path, which opens up additional opportunities for my development at Avantalion.

Sophia Rosenhöfer

I’m Sophia Rosenhöfer and was a working student for Avantalion before joining the team full-time as an Analyst.

As a working student, I supported the marketing department of Avantalion. What I appreciate most about Avantalion is the company culture and the way people interact with each other, as well as the appreciation. Furthermore, I find the variety of projects and the associated growth and career opportunities great.
The development opportunities at Avantalion are amazing. I started as an intern before becoming a working student and now I’m joining the team as an Analyst. But no matter my status within Avantalion, I always had the same opportunities as everyone else and was able to take part in different trainings as well as workshops and events!

Lara Alsenz

My name is Lara Alsenz and I’m currently a working student for Avantalion.

I mainly support the team internally, particularly within HR. I really value the opportunity to work on different projects and therefore getting to know a variety of HR functions which helps me figure out what I want to do after my studies.
Avantalion has provided me with extremely valuable opportunities to develop my skill portfolio, build my network and start my professional career through various trainings. I also loved that I was included in all company workshops and events right from the start!

Your benefits @ Avantalion

We offer an extensive training curriculum with over 40 modules covering both professional and personal development

Internal coach
To help with your personal and professional development
Ever wondered which career step makes sense next? Not sure how to achieve your goals? Your internal coach is there to help you out and offer guidance

Trust-based working hours
We trust you to get the job done! No need for 9-5

Company-wide workshops & events
Come together with the whole team to grow together. Both professionally and personally!

Remote work

Work from anywhere

Your first year @ Avantalion

Ready to get started? Get a sneak peak of what your first year with us could look like!

  1. Start off with our extensive onboarding, allowing you to get to know the team as well as the most important skills you’ll need for your work!
  2. Afterwards, jump right into projects, allowing you to learn on the job and perfect all your consulting skills!
  3. At the same time, your personal development with your developer will take place, allowing you to build a well-rounded portfolio!

You @ Avantalion

We’re always looking for highly motivated and promising consultants!

Consultant profile:

  • Degree in Business Management, Industrial Engineering, Business information systems or related fields
  • Working proficiency in German and English as a minimum
  • Knowledge and experience in project and process management advantageous
  • Relevant industry knowledge and experience advantageous

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Denise Leypold-Heinz

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