Discover our comprehensive range of Management Support services for Business Expansion, Business Transformation, Operational & IT Excellence and Risk & Performance Management. Explore our expertise and capabilities, including a wide range of professional services, and innovative methods tailored to empower your business for sustained success. See how we can support you best.

Management Support

Avantalion’s Management Support empowers your business with expertise in Business Expansion, Business Transformation, Operational & IT Excellence, and Risk & Performance Management.

Business Expansion

Accelerate the growth of revenues and margins by widening the offer to new markets, countries, distribution partnerships, …; strengthen the digital sales journeys, enrich the sales & marketing animation models, considering the deep transformation of consumption behaviors and the new IT/Tech game changing enablers on the market (AI, Open Banking, …).

New countries/markets | Distribution partnerships | External growth | Financing & insurance offers | Digital sales journeys | CX, UX | Digital marketing, cross & up sell | New entrants & business models | New consumption behaviors

Operational & IT Excellence

Take a decisive step towards operational efficiency, enabling real cost reduction and quality improvement by optimizing processes, organization and digital journeys from front to back; assess IT assets/investments to define the transformation path that will enable the implementation of a state-of-the-art digital architecture in the medium term that truly supports business ambitions.

Digitalization | Perceived quality, voice of customers | Organizational & process optimization | Lean Management | Digitalization level assessment | Return on Investments | New digital architectures | Path to digital transformation | Pan-European platform

Risk & Performance Management

More effectively articulate risk and capital management processes/tools/policies to better optimize the balance between top- and bottom-line financial objectives, as well as equity consumption and liquidity; strengthen operational compliance, but also the relevance of decision and regulatory reporting through more accurate use of data, better understanding of evolving regulations and links to business challenges.

Credit granting risk control | Collection excellence | Regulatory reporting | Capital and liquidity optimization | Refinancing, securitization | Compliance | Value creation led by data | Data Governance | Decisional reporting

Business Transformation

With the right balance between ambition and pragmatism, define a transformation path on some transversal challenges that are critical for the sustainability of the business models: ESG/sustainability roadmap, change management for teams/positions affected by technological disruptions (in particular AI), innovation capacity/anticipation of strategic opportunities/threats.

ESG Roadmap | Green and impact financing | Future of Work | Artificial Intelligence | Jobs transformation | Innovation policy | Agile Management | Strategic partnerships | Strategic anticipation


Benefiting from Avantalion’s distinct heritage, we have developed a wide range of accelerators providing our clients with high quality services and capitalizing on state-of-the-art methods and tools.

Additional services provided by Teamwill Group

In 2022, Avantalion Management Consulting became member of the French Teamwill Group, a leading provider of business and information system solutions for credit institutions and specialized financing. While Avantalion, as a management consulting firm, continues to support clients from project conception to successful implementation, Teamwill offers complementary information system services. Through this combination, we provide our clients a comprehensive service portfolio and a complete, one-stop solution for their business needs.

The services provided by Teamwill include:

  • Consulting: Teamwill accompanies its customers in the definition of their IT requirements and in the monitoring of their implementation projects in a supporting role for the customer.
  • Technology: With expertise in both business and financing solutions, Teamwill can assist its clients in establishing and implementing their IS.
  • Managed Services: Teamwill helps their clients to make their business more reliable, increase their efficiency and free up resources for IS renovation. 
  • Digital Solutions: Teamwill’s digital platform covers the contract lifecycle, from preparation and simulation to delivery and post-sale in the automotive, marine, and equipment industries.

As part of Teamwill Group, we offer you a comprehensive range of services for your success.

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